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The Gummy Bears have declared

war against the nation of Dinosaurs.
The outcome is tragically obvious,

but what makes the candies so obstinate?
An object theatre show with real candies;

an absurdist theatre delicacy.


The Tale

The nation of Gummy Bears awakens from its peaceful slumber to wage a hopeless war: they will attack the neighboring nation of Dinosaurs.
It is obvious to any being of common sense that the clash between small candy bears and huge prehistoric reptiles will necessarily result in favor of the latter.
Yet the war will take place; the whole nation is preparing to support the war effort. For their part, the Dinosaurs, while not understanding the gesture, comply with the insane will of their enemies. The army of the Gummy Bears will be routed and nothing will remain of their nation.

The Experience

The Gummy Bears’ Great War, written by Sardinia-based Batisfera’s Angelo Trofa, tells an epic tale in miniature, an object theatre show taking place on a table with an audience of 30 people. The story is narrated by two performers (Valentina Fadda and Leonardo Tomasi) maneuvering hundreds of gummy bears (yes, actual gummy bears!) on the tabletop in a contemporary drama that plays out between the tragic and the absurd, irony and existentialism.



“A perfect marriage of dramaturgy and design... a heart-wrenching,
mouth-watering, and unforgettable theatrical experience”

Natalie Rina - Broadway DNA Blog

“Long live the Gummy Bears!”

Walter Porcedda - Gli Stati Generali

“The narrative itself builds to a poignant, impassioned climax”

John R. Ziegler and Leah Richards - Thinking Theater NYC

“Batisfera invented a personal and irresistible language”

Nicoletta Cavanna - Radio Gold

“The Gummy Bears’ Great War is a bizarre theatre work, but a bold and extraordinary one.”

Claudia Sarritzu - Tiscali Cultura



A show by Batisfera

Written and Directed by Angelo Trofa

With Valentina Fadda, Leonardo Tomasi

Voice off - Tino Petilli

Tech supervisor - Luca Carta

Audio - Quarantacinque by Michela Atzeni

Photos - Sabina Murru

Video - Micaela Cauterucci



BATISFERA is a necessarily contemporary theater company based in Cagliari, Italy.

The company, founded in 2008, works in the search for an independent artistic path, seeking a balance between tragedy and laughter, anguish and comedy.

Its members are Valentina Fadda and Angelo Trofa, and they often collaborate with numerous artists.

From 2008 the company produced many shows selected for international festivals (InScena Ny, Torino Fringe Festival, Hortus Conclusus, Strabismi, DominioPubblico, Lucido Festival).

Referring to the company’s work, Walter Porcedda, a journalist and theatre critic for La Nuova Sardegna, wrote, “Batisfera sends more than a positive signal illuminating with good omens the future of Sardinian theater, where for too long there has been a lack of novelty in the latest generations.”

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